Study in Cyprus
  • The international dimension of education is pivotal in Cyprus and the international students can get high quality education in a safe and a secure environment at a nominal expense.
  • Extensive networks and lifelong friendships are there between the overseas students and the Cypriots that increase the cultural and trade relationships between the nations.
  • Cypriots provide great education standards and skills to work in a worldwide marketplace.
  • The number of students from all over the world is increasing fast in Cyprus in the last ten years.The education standards in Cyprus are second to none. To study in Cyprus is a nice aspect to do and one can learn and imbibe a great deal of things in Cyprus
Why Study in Cyprus?
  • Various universities in Cyprus are providing several courses at nominal fees.
  • In Cyprus, students get ample chance to study their courses. There is no restriction for studying for the foreign students.
  • English is the major language for instruction in Cyprus. Several of the programs are provided in English particularly at the masters and bachelor’s degree level.
  • Students will get a world class degree that is recognized all over the world.
  • Students will have nominal living costs and low expense on-campus and off-campus rooms.
  • There are several financial aid programs available in Cyprus at universities or colleges and these give financial help to the students who require aid so as to start or finish their studies in Cyprus.
  • Part time work is allowed to the students who possess a work permit. The students will have the chance to work during the semester up to twenty hours per week.
  • The students during break time may avail thirty-eight hours per week.
  • There are over 40,000 students who study in North Cyprus.
  • You may get permanent access to the Turkish and European shores..
  • Cyprus is the ideal and choicest destination for all the different nationalities. It has a highly streamlined and nice framework of education. Cyprus is suited for students who want to pursue higher studies
  • The education System in Cyprus is easy and flexible and designed keeping in mind the interests of the students. The students will really benefit from this type of education system as it will prepare them to make a career in Cyprus or in other European nation
Cost of living in Cyprus
  • The restaurants are quite affordable in Cyprus. Cyprus has got a broad range of varied international cuisine that is available at affordable prices
  • The bars and restaurants in Cyprus provide local and imported beers priced at 2.50 Euros per pint.
  • There are a great range of wines that are around 2.20 Euros per glass.
  • The food in Cyprus is affordable and has a great variety of fresh fruits, vegetables, meat and fish..
  • Petrol is affordable in Cyprus. The petrol prices are between 1.20 Euros and 1.45 EurosThe Cost of Living in Cyprus is quite affordable for all the foreign nationals. It is a great destination for the international students due to its affordability and low costs. in order to know more about cost of living and other aspects in Cyprus, contact us.